KARLİS MACHINE PLASTER WITH PERLITE: it is ready-to-use machine plaster whose heat and sound insulation characteristics have been increased and applied easily in brick, tile, beams, block, gas concrete, concrete and gross concrete type and in entire equivalent surfaces.

Preparation of Application Surface

• The application surface must be cleaned of dust and substances preventing adherence prior to application.

• The fair-faced concrete and gas concrete must be moisturized with water particularly when the ambient temperature is high.

• Any deep cracks or holes in the application surface should be primarily repaired.

• The application area should be kept away from wind and ventilation.

 • Moisturing of the surfaces should properly performed prior to application. • Surfaces must especially be completely cleaned of mould oil.

Preparation of The Mortar

• The mortar must be prepared in a clean container with smooth surfaces.

• Application water should not contain any impurities like salt, acid, oil etc.

• 17-19 lt. water is added to 35 kg KARLİS Machine Plaster With Perlite and application should be in horizontal (right to left-left to right) lines.

Method of Application

• Aluminum screed rail is used for the surface smoothness and determination of plaster thickness.

• The plaster should be levelled using a straight edge.

• The thickness of the plaster layer must be minimum 5 mm and maximum 2.5 cm. If a second layer of plaster is required, application must be made after previous layer is fully cured.

• The smoothing acts must be carried out and completed using a flat scraper when the material is too hard for screed rail.

• Corrective actions must be done approximately one hour after the final application using a steel trowel to obtain a flawless glossy surface.


• Appropriate plaster mesh should be used at joints.

• Ambient and surface temperature during application should be minimum +5° C and maximum +35°C

• Never mix KARLİS Machine Plaster With Perlite with any other product or material.

• Do not use any heating systems at the application area. lnstead provide good ventilation.

• The plaster surfaces must be protected from wind in order to avoid rapid drying.

• The metal surfaces must definitely be protected against rusting.

• The application on the ceiling must be as fine as possible.

Storage Conditions

• Bags must be stored in dry places and should not be stacked in more than 18 layers.

• Direct contact with ground and moisture should be avoided.

• Use KARLİS Machine Plaster With Perlite within 3 months after production date. Over-long storage may deteriorate the physical properties of it.