KARLİS EXPERT 25 MSA; It is a gypsum based plaster applied on any surface (concrete, gross concrete, brick, bims block, gas concrete, etc.) by spraying with a machine. It is a concentrated plaster machine plaster. It provides easier and faster application thanks to its lightness. It provides advantage from transportation.

Application Areas

• It is a gypsum based plaster applied on any surface (concrete, gross concrete, brick, pumice block, gas concrete etc.) by spraying with a machine.


• The surface of the application should be cleaned from dust and substances that prevent adhesion before the application.

• Plaster lathes should be placed at intervals of 150-200 cm.

• After mixing EXPERT 25 MSA with plaster machine, it is sprayed between the anos.

• The surface is leveled with the gauge after spraying.

• 15-20 minutes from the first gauge. then the second master must be made.

• 50-70 minutes after the application starts. water is sprayed onto the surface and the surface is smoothed with a rubber trowel.

• After this process, 10 minutes. Then, the surface is polished using a steel trowel.

• 60 minutes from the first trowel. After the second trowel application, hard, wipe glossy surface is obtained.

Warning and Suggestions

• Do not mix EXPERT 25 MSA with any other product or material.

• Application thickness should be between 8-30 mm.

• The temperature of the applied environments should be at least +5 C and at most +35 C.

• Dry and hot surfaces should be wetted before application.

• Plastering machine and tools should be clean.


• Maximum 20 bags of EXPERT 25 MSA should be stacked on top of each other. In dry and cool conditions, the shelf life of the product without opening the package is at least 5 ° C and 35 ° C in the environment after the production date. Standards

• Lightweight Plaster for High Plaster Rate (spraying) Building TS EN 13279-1 / TS EN 13279-2

• It should not be left in direct sunlight. Warnings and Precautions

• In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water. Use Protective Gloves.