KARLİS GROUTING GYPSUM PLASTER: it is easy-to-use filler plaster used in filling joints in junctions of plaster plates with an smooth appearance following application.

Preparation of Application Surface

• Besides its filling function, KARLİS Grouting Gypsum Plaster also forms a smooth surface as a result of its special grain-size distribution.

• it has an high adherence and its resistance increases rapidly after the setting.

• it does not cause mould, bacteria and fungus.

• it has an easy application with low waste rate.

• No cracks will occur at the joints as it has a good flexibility. Also, the applied surface behave monolithically

Preparation of The Mortar

• The mortar must be prepared in a clean conta iner with smooth surfaces. The container must be free of any remains of previous applications.

• 7.0 lt. water is added to 10 kg. KARLİS Grouting Gypsum Plaster

• Put firstly water in a clean container then sprinkle KARLİS Grouting Gypsum Plaster until it covers the water surface.

• Wait a few minutes for submerging of surface plaster and mix with a mechanical mixer working at low speed until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.

• Do not add any water or plaster to the mortar after mixing. Otherwise lumpy process develops.

• The mortar can be used for approximately 1.5 hour.

Method of Application

• Dust and substances preventing adherence on the surface must be cleaned before the application.The surfaces must be moisturized prior to application especially at high ambient temperature.

• The mortar application on the wall could be done by plaster shovel. Scrape off the residues after they set.

• Do not add any water or plaster to the mortar after mixing.

• Do not use ASVIL Grouting Gypsum Plaster in temperatures below +5° C.

Storage Conditions

• Bags must be stored in dry places and should not be stacked in more than 18 layers.

• Direct contact with ground and moisture should be avoided.

• Use KARLİS Grouting Gypsum Plaster within 3 months.