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We started with electricity and contracting business in 1975 and established regional foundations by providing regional representation services for many leading brands in the world and in our country and established our foundations. As the follower of time and innovations, building materials production, which is the basic roof of many sectors, is “the best investment is quality.” We serve to the construction sector under the name of Karavil Group by using the latest technologies in our production facilities.

As group companies; With Karavil Cement, Karlis Yapı, Asvil Metal, Karbos Logistics, Karavil Real Estate, Karavil Foreign Trade, Ceylan Karavil Shopping Center and Hotel, Aqua Diyarbakır tunnel aquarium and Vilbey Elektronik Ticaret, we have created service areas that gradually expand the business volume.

It manufactures Gypsum, Gypsum Board, Construction Chemicals, Water-Based Products, Pumice, Micronized Calcite, Decorative Suspended Ceiling Panels, Profiles and Accessories with the brands Karlis and Asvil in the production sector. In addition to production, it also carries out commercial activities in the field of Building Installation and Accessories.

In order to realize our investments in the field of construction by evaluating the conditions of the developing and growing countries, in 2009, we first stepped into the sector with the pumice factory under the roof of Karlis Yapı and served in a total area of ​​56.900 m2, including 3.115 m2 closed area and 53.785 m2 open area, and fully equipped with technological robots daily. It can produce approximately 45,000 Bims.

In 2011, we started the production of Plaster, which is one of the building blocks of today, and its complementary products. In our factories located in the largest integrated gypsum plant in the world that you started to operate in 2011; While strengthening its place in the sector with the production of Gypsum, Gypsum Board, Construction Chemicals, Profile, Profile Accessories, Water Based Products, Micronized Calcite, Decorative Suspended Ceiling Panels, it increases its market share day by day. Our Integrated Gypsum facility, which is produced on a total area of ​​125,000 m2, of which 75,000 m2 is closed; 72 main dealers serve domestically through 210 sub dealerships affiliated to the main dealers and can ship to all points that it can reach in the global world with foreign sales points.

With Karavil Foreign Trade, which we established for the purpose of marketing and exporting products produced within the group abroad, it provides added value to the country’s economy by exporting our products to 17 countries, especially the middle east countries.

Providing added value to the regional and national economy, Karavil Group manufactures people and life-oriented products as well as organizes a wide shipping network with Karbos Logistics. All products produced are passed through the tests of the quality control team and the delivery of quality and healthy products to the consumer is provided by Karbos logistics with 21,000 vehicles per year.

In addition to the production, it provides employment for approximately 4,000 people together with the Ceylan Karavil Park with 65.000 m2 leasable area, the largest Shopping Center in the region, and the Ceylan Karavil Hotel with a capacity of 154 beds.

In addition to our companies with a wide range of products and services, we added Karavil Gayrimenkul, which will operate in the field of real estate, to the group in 2017 and finally founded Vilbey Elektronik Ticaret in 2019 in order to provide quality and fast service to its customers in the field of E-Commerce developing in our world.

Emphasizing importance on Research and Development, Karavil Group always continues its activities that will create added value in the fields of energy and production and contribute to the national economy with its R&D team.

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