Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive

Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive

Heat lnsulation Board Adhesive; Adhesive mortar , eement basis and stranghten with synthetie additives and powder polimers easy ta prepare and applieable, high stabilitiy that is used far adhering polystren panels (XPS-EPS).


• it is used for covering any type of the heat plate heat layer (XPS-EPS) on the internal and external fronts.


• The application surface has to be purified from any type of dust, dirt, oil etc. The surface must be prepared by removing nail, wedges etc. Mix 25 kg, Heat lsolated Panel Adhesive with 6-6.5 lt. water in a container with in a low speed mixer until a homogenous mixture without lumps is obtained. This mixture is left for settlement approximately for 3-5 minutes and by mixing again the mixture gets ready for using. This mortar that is mixed tile a paste, is applied to the surroundings and middle of the heat isolated panel (the surface that will be adhered) and adhered on the surface. The montage application is finished by putting dubel on the suitable surface.


• Application surface has to be purified from the holding on preventing materials such as dust, painting, dirt.

• The surface has to be moistured before application.

• Deformed surfaces such as holes and splits and smilars have to cleaned with suitable materials.

• As it is a Cement based material, the hands needs ta be protected. Gloves have to be used.


• Shelf life is 10 months in 25 kg kraft bags stored in dry and cool place.